bild av Bror Hjorths ateljé Bild Bror Hjorth, Kubistisk flicka, gips, 1921 Bror Hjorth, Bärbel i gul stol, 1958

Bror Hjorths Hus entré.

Bror Hjorths Hus
A Colourful Artist's Museum

The sculptor and painter Bror Hjorth (1894-1968) was a modernist with roots in folk art. His home and studio, where he lived and worked with his family the last 25 years of his life, was turned into a museum in 1978.

The museum has the largest and most representative collection of his works. It is filled with paintings, sculptures, reliefs and drawings as well as studies and sketches for Bror Hjorthís numerous public art commissions.

Having studied sculpture for Antoine Bourdelle in Paris in the early 1920s, Bror Hjorth was devoted in seeking out the intensity in art. ”What I dreamed of” he writes in his autobiography , ”was not success in achieving an outer form. I yearned to create life”.

Between 1949-59 Bror Hjorth was Professor in Drawing at the Swedish Royal Academy of Fine Arts.

Bror Hjorth was a controversial but deeply committed artist whose works are a homage to love, life and music. Today Bror Hjorth is ranked among Sweden’s finest artists.

The house was drawn by the architect Sten Hummel-Gumælius in 1943 in close collaboration with the artist. The red wooden house with its yellow ochre details connects to local building traditions.

A new wing built in 1995 hosts temporary exhibitions, a small café and a gift shop. In the lush and tranquil garden you can relax with a cup of coffee.

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Thursday - Sunday 12 - 16

Free Admission

Norbyvägen 26
752 39 Uppsala
+46 (0)18 56 70 30

How to get here
The museum is located close to the Botanical Garden
On foot it's a beautiful 20 min walk from the city centre. Bus 2 or 7 (bus stop: Evolutionsmuseet or Birkagatan)
Car parking nearby at crossing Norbyvägen/Hagundagatan

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